Scammers & Compromised Emails

Scammers are sending emails to a list of compromised email addresses containing millions of addresses from Google, AOL, Yahoo, Time Warner, Frontier and Verizon. These emails have some variety but run a generic message requesting you to authenticate or provide login credentials in order to prevent account deletion. These emails are targeted attacks designed to gain access to your email account and then use your email account to gain access to other accounts you may have online that you used that email to create.

Email providers will NEVER send emails requesting you to authenticate yourself by providing the login credentials for your email account. You should ignore these emails and not respond to them. If you did respond to them, change your password immediately and if you have used that same password for other accounts you own, you should update those passwords as well.

Please be aware that these emails will come from compromised email accounts. For example, if you have an email, the emails will come from another address making it appear to be legitimate. This is how the scammers are fooling individuals into responding with sensitive information. We urge you to refrain from responding and if you have already done so to change your passwords as soon as possible.

If you have received any type of emails like this and wish to provide the email for logging in order to help others, please forward the content of the email to us.

Additionally should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.😀