Mystic Hardware Gets A New Look

Mystic Hardware is currently undergoing some significant changes. We have been using the same website since 2007, which was the first website created for Mystic Hardware. While we were proud of our design and it was functional, the design by today’s standards is very dated. Additionally over the last few years much has changed with our business as well as how we interact and serve our clients; Social Media has become a huge part of the business customer relationship. In the past we haven’t used it nearly enough. Today is our first attempt to integrate with social media and begin using it more often. If you take a look up in the right hand corner of our header (top right hand corner of our website) you will notice that there are social media icons, linking to our page on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. These pages will see changes in the coming weeks as well as we push forward with our new design and look.

That being said, during this time certain parts of the website may be unavailable or broken. We ask that you please bear with us during this transition. In the coming weeks there will be additional changes implemented and the website should be fully functional soon.  Thank you!